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To: Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz

Starbucks: Tips for Bar

I would like for a tip jar to be placed at hand off so that we have a chance of gaining more tips. Especially for the baristas who are speedy and accurate on bar. It will also motivate them to improve their customer service at hand off.

Why is this important?

I feel it is important because some stores because of their location do NOT earn as much tips as other locations. Many customers are rushed away from register and forget or do not even think to leave tips, whereas workers on bar are frequently complimented on speed, style and some on latter art. Tips are vital to some of us when we've spent our check and all we need is a few bucks to buy metrocard or pay for our other necessities. $15 in tips is too little for those work too hard.

Reasons for signing

  • Baristas depend on their tips to make a decent wage and we must give them every opportunity to do so. There's no harm in keeping a tip jar by the hand off and often very convenient for customers.
  • Work is unevenly distributed; the bar partner(s) -usually one person- is on their own to make the drinks with little support from other “partners” and the pay doesn’t reflect the work the bar partner is doing.
  • I signed because corporations and communities keep the minimum wages down. Even in a Starbucks salery you can’t afford housing since no housing can be affordable these days. Not enough affordable housing. They deserve every chance the have in a service industry.


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