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To: uber

UberX vs UberSelect

UberSelect drivers should not receive UberX calls. I have a Mercedes Benz and yet get calls that pay out $2 because I'm receiving UberX calls and even if I lower my rating by not accepting these calls 98% of the calls I do get is for UberX. I pay appr. 2.36 per gal in gas, insurance, car pymts, and wear and tear. UberX fees are not enough to make up for my expenses. For example, I drove 72 miles today and only $48.10 it took me 1.5 hrs to get there and I had to drive back to my area which is another 72 miles plus tolls.

Why is this important?

It's more important that UberSelect drivers make money than receive more calls that don't give them the opportunity to make a profit. I understand Uber wants to keep UberSelect drivers busy driving but at who's cost?



2018-05-09 20:45:41 -0400

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