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To: Waffle House Employees

Waffle House Servers Allowed to have faux nails with color and design

Waffle House Servers Allowed to have faux nails with color and design

Allow us to be individuals we already wear the same uniform so strive to be different in certain ways as hair make up nail polish earrings and we would like to have our nicely groomed faux nails with color that shows our personality being that we all
Wear the same outfit while working we’re trying to sparkle and shine and mangers want us to be ugly and dull colorless and boring my nails allow me to feel happy in a world full of chaos.

Why is this important?

It’s important because we get to still be ourselves while working we get great compliments and we keep ourselves up I’m gonna continue to be a black girl who rocks and a server that rocks.


Reasons for signing

  • I signed because I use to work for 7-11. I felt the same way while working their ! In area like this for certain businesses they want workers to become robots ! If we can still execute our jobs perfectly. While getting customer compliments I believe the business should recognize that and let us keep our nails! One business at a time and I hope it starts with Waffle House!
  • I think as long as you keep your nails neat & trimmed up then it's be okay
  • Nothing wrong with nice groomed nails


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