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To: State of Wisconsin

Wage increases for all licensed CNA’s

Make a mandatory Change for starting wage to be 18.00 an hour for all licensed CNA’s in the state of Wisconsin.

Why is this important?

There is a huge lack of CNA’s to care for our Loved ones. They do the brunt of work which is physical and mentally challenging. The facilities are always understaffed because they can’t find anybody to work for the little wage that they make and the care that they have to provide to residence. I know this because my husband has had caregivers for over 10 years and I hear the same shit all the time how they can’t find staff and that’s why range of motion isn’t getting done, there teeth aren’t getting brushed, only two showers a week. I could go on for ever.


Reasons for signing

  • CNAs are critical to patient care . They are a highly valued member of the health care team. They sometimes work in very challenging and dangerous conditions.


2020-03-30 22:51:55 -0400

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