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To: Walmart

Walmart, let us wear shorts.

As it currently stands at Walmart, only a few positions are permitted to wear shorts. For example, garden associates and lot attendants.
I am an overnight stocker and primarily work in departments with a heavy load, physically demanding. The new dress code doesn't permit shorts for the overnight crew. But it does permit dresses and skirts, even capris. I don't see it to be fair that those are allowed but shorts are not. Some stores are way too hot to wear long pants in, especially when you are working your butt off. I would love to see shorts be permitted for at least the overnight crew. Really, how different are shorts from capris anyway...

Why is this important?

I am a believer of you will get more work done, faster, if you're comfortable. And to add, Walmart expects associates to have good hygiene. Being drenched in your own sweat because you're working a heavy department being forced to wear long pants, doesn't feel all that great.



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