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To: Store Manager, Walmart #4584

Walmart: Rehire Kristopher Oswald

Walmart employee Kristopher Oswald acted quickly to assist a woman being assaulted in his store's parking lot. His reward? He lost his job for allegedly violating store policy.

Walmart needs to immediately rehire Kristopher and issue backpay for lost time due to this outrageous decision by store managers.

Why is this important?

I work for Walmart in nearby Wisconsin, and I was upset to learn that a fellow associate was fired this week for helping someone in need. When Kristopher saw this woman being attacked, what was he supposed to do? Walk back to the store and report the incident? When someone is in physical danger, every second matters. Kristopher made a split-second decision to risk his own safety to help someone in trouble. For that, he deserves our thanks.

A Walmart employee should never be punished for helping someone in trouble. Please join me in demanding that Walmart make this right by immediately rehiring Mr. Oswald and issuing him backpay for lost wages. Walmart employees, community members and supporters nationwide are coming together to stand with Kristopher.




2013-10-29 09:09:39 -0400

Walmart offered Kristopher his job back, but he refused, stating that he feared retaliation if he returned to the company. He's also asking Walmart for a formal apology and for the event to be removed from his personnel file:

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BREAKING: Walmart notified Kristopher tonight and told him he could have his job back! Let's keep the pressure on to make sure Kristopher is given back-pay for any hours lost because of his firing:

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