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To: KCRHA Leadership

We demand safe conditions without fear of retaliation!


Why is this important?

On Mon., January 9, 2023, Elijah Wood was terminated from his employment at the King County Regional Homelessness Authority (KCRHA) after speaking up about safety concerns that the Systems Advocates’ team were raising in the field. The concerns Elijah raised are rooted in the desire to protect the people who are doing this work, our unhoused neighbors, and our community. We believe Elijah’s termination was unjust, illegal, and without cause or due process.

Therefore, we, the unified employees of KCRHA, stand together to demand that:

 Systems Advocates not be assigned to conduct outreach in the field without proper safety equipment.

 Systems Advocates not be assigned to conduct outreach without the proper information about
encampments needed to do their jobs safely and effectively, like whether any known dangers are present. 

 All staff concerns be heard and centered with regards to safety policy and procedure, and not be dismissed or punished. 

We, the undersigned, hereby demand that Elijah Wood be reinstated to his former position immediately and that an internal investigation be conducted into the safety concerns raised.


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