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To: Burgerville

We Demand Tips in the Drive Thru

We Demand Tips in the Drive Thru

Burgerville workers deserve to be making tips, and Burgerville customers want to show how much they appreciate workers.

These are extraordinary times. Burgerville workers are risking their lives to be at work right now and they deserve better compensation. In order to provide this compensation, we demand Burgerville:

-Implement credit card tips at the drive thru immediately, or commit to a timeline for implementing them safely
-Implement a $1.50/hour hazard pay differential until tips are instituted, or until Multnomah County is no longer in the extreme risk or high risk categories for Covid-19 determined by the state of Oregon

Why is this important?

Burgerville workers have demanded hazard pay in the past, and Burgerville has denied these requests. Now there is a way for workers to get increased pay at no cost to Burgerville: credit card tips at the drive thru.

Workers feel this urgency now more than ever. Due to management error, credit card were briefly enabled at the Convention Center Burgerville in November. This resulted in workers making an extra $5 an hour from the generous contributions of appreciative customers. The community of customers have demonstrated they want to tip when they are given the opportunity, and this gesture makes a huge difference in worker compensation. This is the pay they deserve as they risk their life to serve customers.

Reasons for signing

  • Burgerville started as something different. A fast food company that served real food, locally sourced, organic, that recycled, and that treated employees with the respect they deserved. BURGERVILLE, DO THE RIGHT THING!
  • It is crucial that a local company like Burgerville support and protect its invaluable front-line workers ALL THE TIME, but especially during this COVID pandemic, and most especially because it will not cost the company anything!!!


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