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Starbucks: Be a partner to us and forests!

Starbucks serves 4+ billion nonrecyclable papers cups a year. That’s 8,000+ cups a minute cut from more than a million trees!

In 2008, Starbucks set a bold goal of serving coffee in recyclable cups and increasing the amount of coffee served in reusable cups (from 2%-25%) by 2015 but, they haven't delivered. Starbucks needs to recommit to this goal. We want a #bettercup.

Why is this important?

Starbucks paper cups exact a huge toll on our forests, our climate, and landfills -- and the majority of coffee-addicts and baristas still don't know it's happening! I've been a barista for 5 years and sustainability is important to me -- and I bet other partners agree. I'm working with, an environmental organization, to show Starbucks that partners want to see them do more for the environment by using sustainable cups.

Starbucks has emerged as the industry leader in caffeinating the world, and therefore has a duty to its customers, as well as past and present partners, to do so in a socially and forest-friendly manner.

How it will be delivered has committed to delivering this petition directly to CEO Kevin Johnson at Starbucks Seattle headquarters for us!

Reasons for signing

  • As a former partner I know how much waste happens in one store in one day - and it's very upsetting for anyone who cares about waste and the earth we live on. It was part of the reason for me leaving, I couldn't see it everyday anymore. There are solutions, please take steps to limit waste and create more earth friendly takeaway items.
  • Almost everything Starbucks uses is recyclable but it all goes in the regular trash, except the cardboard boxes. There is so much waste here and it needs to change but it takes us partners to help implement the change as well.
  • They throw so many in the bin as well... their waste is higher than just the ones given to customers. All the staff will have their entitled beverages in takeaway cups rather than using a mug. This needs to change.


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We crashed the Starbucks’ annual shareholder meeting in Seattle with a simple message for the company: keep your promise. Check out our video:

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