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Starbucks: Be a partner to us and forests!

Starbucks serves 4+ billion nonrecyclable papers cups a year. That’s 8,000+ cups a minute cut from more than a million trees!

In 2008, Starbucks set a bold goal of serving coffee in recyclable cups and increasing the amount of coffee served in reusable cups (from 2%-25%) by 2015 but, they haven't delivered. Starbucks needs to recommit to this goal. We want a #bettercup.

Why is this important?

Starbucks paper cups exact a huge toll on our forests, our climate, and landfills -- and the majority of coffee-addicts and baristas still don't know it's happening! I'm a current barista and sustainability is important to me -- and I bet other partners agree. By signing and sharing this petition, we can send our message far and wide. Become a #BetterCupBarista right now.

Starbucks has emerged as the industry leader in caffeinating the world, and therefore has a duty to its customers, as well as past and present partners, to do so in a socially and forest-friendly manner.

How it will be delivered has committed to delivering this petition directly to CEO Kevin Johnson at Starbucks Seattle headquarters for us!

Reasons for signing

  • I would like all Starbucks to recycle. How many empty gallon of milk cartons do we trash. And we need sturdier cups, maybe ones that don't need sleeve (like McDonalds).
  • I wanna het experience about this
  • Save forest, save oxygen, save our life.


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We crashed the Starbucks’ annual shareholder meeting in Seattle with a simple message for the company: keep your promise. Check out our video:

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