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To: Jimmy John's

We want colored hair at Jimmy John's!

We want colored hair at Jimmy John's!

We want to show off our awesome sandwhich making skills while also rocking our favorite hair color, so a new dress code regarding hair color would be fantastic. It's almost 2017, no one settles for natural tones anymore. Diversity and creativity in a workplace is more appealing anyway. It's not exciting when everyone looks the same.

Why is this important?

We asked for tattoos and we got them. Seriously so awesome! However, tattoos are a permanent thing that is stuck with you whether it was in good taste or not. So if we got tattoos, why not hair? Hair is temporary, so why can't we have fun with it!? Our hair is pulled back up into a hat anyway, so hair isn't much of a distraction. I've noticed a lot of Jimmy John's employees have similar edgy style, so I'm almost positive all of our hair colors would have good interest. I'm almost positive that I can get the sandwiches done in 30 seconds, while rocking my dream orange hair do! Bring diversity into the workplace! I love my Jimmy Johns family, but I also wish more than anything that I could express myself through my hair. This could be an amazing thing! It's just hair after all, and it most definitely doesn't define my work ethic or professionalism!



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