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To: Jimmy Johns

We want dreads in Jimmy Johns

Jimmy johns now allows dread locks!

We want dreads in Jimmy Johns

Jimmy Johns should allow any employee, no matter their ethnicity, to have dreads if they'd like. The current policy states employees must have "combable hair.". Dreads have been proven to be just as clean ,if not cleaner, than "COMBABLE" hair. Managing dread locks shows dedication and hard work. Isn't this what Jimmy Johns wants? Dedicated hardworking employees who stand out to the crowd of customers and makes that impression that keeps bringing them back for more?

Why is this important?

The employees and customers want to see that Jimmy stands by his "Rockstars wanted!" statements. Rockstars stand out in a crowd and show enthusiasm constantly. Shouldn't unique hair, style or vibrant coloring, be a good thing for a business that wants to stand out and attract a variety of different customers? Letting employees at Jimmy johns express who they really are leads to better attitudes and enthusiasm for their jobs. Which leads to a contagious happiness for our customers. Therefore gaining yet another returning customer purely on satisfaction alone. With the speed and diversity among the staff we mark a strong memory in their minds that will create a frequent customer base.



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