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To: Jimmy Johns

Jimmy John's: We want visible tattoos too

Jimmy John's announced in October 2015 that it would now allow employees to have visible tattoos (along with other changes to the dress code). In a memo provided to franchise owners this week, Jimmy John’s wrote: “You asked for it! Wanna rock tats at work? Now you can.” Thank you to the thousands of supporters -- especially over 4,600 other Jimmy John's employees -- who joined the campaign!

Jimmy Johns, the popular sandwich chain, says: "All JJ employees must have killer work ethic, rockstar personality, and be ready to learn!"

I don't see how having our tattoos covered really shows that "rockstar personality" they want to achieve. Further more, long sleeves make the small work space hotter, and they also get mayo on them from just doing our jobs which I can't imagine is very cleanly.

That's why I'm asking Jimmy Johns to revise its policy to allow employees to have visible tattoos.

Why is this important?

Having to adhere to the dress code rules of not being able to show our ink is an outdated practice as Kristie Williams as proven with the mass amount of signatures on her campaign to get Starbucks to revise its dress code policies. Just as in the petition to Starbucks to change its dress code to allow visible tattoos, we should be able to show ours as well.

We work hard for this company. We are supposed to make all sandwiches in under 30 seconds through anytime of the day, and keep a good attitude the whole time we do it. Letting us express our individuality isn't really much to ask for -- especially since we're supposed to be these "Rockstar" employees.

When I first started working for Jimmy John's, you had to wear white socks that covered your ankle. This was in the dress code. I can't fathom why the color or length of my socks are detrimental to making sandwiches. It's the same with this outdated policy to keep tattoos covered up.

Jimmy Johns eventually changed its policy on socks, and I really do believe that this company can be swayed to revise its policy on this issue as well. Just as the white socks really didn't matter, neither does having us keep our tattoos covered up.

Jimmy Johns is really an impressive business model. Fresh veggies, freshly sliced meat, great bread baked all day, small delivery areas for faster deliveries, and first and foremost, FAST service.

I think it's time to let employees unleash our inner "Rockstar" and let us not have to cover up our tattoos. It's 2014, no one really cares when they go into a quick service restaurant and the people working behind the counter have some ink -- plus it will make our work a lot more comfortable, efficient and pleasant.


(BIG thanks to Kristie Williams for inspiring this!)



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