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To: Arjan Koudijs, Regional Operations Manager, Asia Pacific Region

IFF: Meet with your employees in Dandenong

National Union of Workers (NUW)

Victory! After 1,000 people joined our petition, IFF's Asia Pacific Regional Manager flew to Australia to meet with the workers. We've now reached an agreement and can return back to work! We defended our breaks, protected our accrued personal leave and won a wage increase of 6.3% over three years. Importantly, workers made a stand, showed solidarity and our voices were heard. Thanks for your support. It made a difference!

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We want to get back to work! We're calling on IFF's Asia Pacific Regional Operations Manager, Arjan Koudijs to meet with Australian employees and end this lockout.

Why is this important?

On January 27, 2015, Australian employees of International Flavours & Fragrances (IFF) began occupying our factory in Dandenong. We were forced to take this action because local Australian management has pushed us to the brink.

We believe matters cannot be resolved with local Australian management and we ask that IFF's leadership listen to us, the IFF workforce in Dandenong, because our voices are not being heard in Australia.

All we want is to be heard and genuinely negotiate a workplace agreement, which benefits the interests of both the workers and the interests of the company. We, the workers, have a clear interest in IFF .

In the past, and specifically during the negotiations of our last agreement, we were promised there would be a cultural change from management. But things have only gotten worse. Local management couldn't care less about us. There is no acknowledgement of the humanity involved in the process of running a business.

We were also promised that, due to a break down with local management, we would have quarterly meetings with the Asia Pacific management team. However, we have had only one of these meetings over the last three years.

We believe it is not difficult to treat people with respect. Unfortunately a culture of respect is not encouraged or practiced by management in Australia.

Mr Koudijs, we call on you to intervene because we believe Australian management cannot or will not negotiate fairly or respectfully. So far, local management have continued to be provocative and combative, which is not conducive to an agreement being reached.

There has been much talk of productivity from local management, and workers have gone to great lengths already, including moving to 24-hour production. Now it is also time to recognise that workers want security, not uncertainty and anxiety. This, not stealing workers' 10 minute breaks, will see an increase in productivity and the health and well being of the workforce.

Mr Koudijs, to end this lockout and help deliver a swift and fair agreement, will you meet with workers?




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Petition is successful with 1,071 signatures

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#BREAKING Our amazing #occupydandenong workers have won a significant achievement.

After petitioning Asia-Pacific Management to meet with workers, this request has at last been met with key company personnel flying to Australia to meet with workers.

We still have a fight ahead, but the request that the company negotiate fairly and listen to us has finally been agreed to.

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1,000 signatures reached

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After a 26 hours in the lunchroom, workers wake in Dandenong feeling strong and showing solidarity. There is also a place to donate to show your support at