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To: ALL retail stores

ALL Retail stores should close on Thanksgiving Day

Family is the most important part of our lives, and Thanksgiving is one of those few special moments when families across the country get to sit down for a meal and spend time together. But every year, more and more of our families are missing us because retail stores are staying open and forcing employees to work through the holiday.

We work HARD all year to put food on our families’ tables – we deserve to be able to enjoy this quality time with them. We are calling on all retail stores to let us spend this time with our families and stay closed on Thanksgiving Day!

Sign below to tell Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree and all other retailers that employees deserve to be with our families for the holidays.

Trish Rose, Dollar Tree

Why is this important?

This year, some retailers are opening as early as 6am on Thanksgiving Day. Every year these companies take more and more family time away from hardworking employees. This is yet another example of retail companies completely disregarding our lives. We are being pushed to work harder, longer hours for the same measly paychecks that don’t support our families, while retail executives and CEOs sit at home with their families and collect millions from our work.

Thanksgiving is a day everyone should get to spend with our families. We are calling on all retail stores to close on Thanksgiving, as a fully paid holiday, so retail workers across the country can spend time with our families.





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