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To: Domonic, DCH1 Amazon Site Leader

Amazon Management: Meet with DCH1 Amazonians United now!

Domonic, the DCH1 Amazon Site Leader, committed to meeting with DCH1 Amazon workers as a group to discuss several issues, but he broke that commitment mid-shift, saying that he would only meet with workers 1 on 1. We need Dominic to meet with us as a group immediately. We have several urgent issues which need to be resolved, but the top 3 are:

1. Prime Pay for Prime Days
2. We need Health Insurance
3. We need A/C

Why is this important?

We work hard every night and day to make sure Amazon packages get delivered, but our working-conditions issues are never resolved. The issues speak for themselves. Our pay is inadequate. We need access to healthcare. And an "Excessive Heat Watch" is in effect this week, and the only step Amazon management has taken to combat heat exhaustion is to give us popsicles. We need real solutions. We need Domonic to meet with us now.



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2019-07-26 09:52:02 -0400

We know Amazon is being extra careful because on Friday night managers shut down the conveyor belts and stopped all work after deciding it was too hot for workers to unload trucks and too hot for workers to divert packages on the elevated platform known as the "Big Iron." After having us mill around for 2 hours in that 100+ degree warehouse, managers called all workers to huddle around Domonic who announced that he was dismissing all workers, with 8 hours pay, because it was too hot to work.

We've had extreme weather before and we have been forced to leave work early, but we've never been dismissed with our full shifts pay! We know Amazon management decided to dismiss us with pay because they saw during our "walk-in" action on Tuesday morning that we are united, they saw that thousands of people are standing in solidarity with us, and they don't want an employee ending up in an ambulance after refusing to meet with workers concerned about safety in this extreme heat.

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