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To: B&E Poultry

B&E Poultry, pay your workers what they're owed!

1. Pay workers now! Dozens of backpackers are owed tens of thousands in backpay!

2. Abide by Australian workplace law. No more cash in hand!

3. Stop exploiting workers on holiday in Australia that have language barriers or a lack of Australian workplace knowledge.


Why is this important?

You might not have heard of B&E Poultry but they’re quickly becoming one of the biggest poultry companies in Australia. They are involved in supplying chicken to Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, KFC and Pizza Hut. B&E Poultry and their subcontractors pay their employees wages that are below the legal minimum. Their workers are now owed tens of thousands of dollars in back pay and B&E is refusing to pay up. NUW backpackers here on working holidays are demanding back pay now!

Here is one couple's story:

We came to Australia for a working holiday. We wanted to earn some money and travel around Australia. We really wanted to see Uluru, Cairns, Sydney and Tasmania, but we haven't been able to see any of these. We haven’t been able to earn enough money to leave Victoria.

In July 2014 we got a job with a man at a poultry factory.

We regularly worked more than 10 hours a day, sometimes until midnight. We were paid $16 or $17 per hour cash-in-hand no matter what time of day it was or how long we worked. We didn't realise this was not legal in Australia. Lots of holiday makers were being paid this way. We signed a lot of paperwork, but it was never clear what it was.

Our breaks changed all the time, sometimes when it was busy our smoke break would disappear. We would clock on and off, but our supervisor would pay what he thought instead of what our clock cards said.

The work was hard and we felt very tired. We were pushed to work harder and faster and I was scared that I would be injured. I felt like my English wasn’t good enough so I wouldn't be able to get work anywhere else.

It felt like discrimination. Taiwanese holiday makers were always forced to do overtime for the flat rate. Permanent workers didn't get offered overtime. We can understand how local workers are angry about this too.

Somewhere along the line we became employees of a contractor called B&E poultry. It was always unclear who we were working for.

One day we found out about the union through another backpacker. Organisers from the union came to our house and spoke to us. We realised what was happening wasn't right. We all decided to join the union.

Through word of mouth and social media, working holiday visa workers in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney who work for B&E subcontractors heard what we were doing and joined us in demanding back pay and fair treatment.

We would like all holiday makers in Australia to be treated with respect during their time in Australia and earn at least the legal minimum for the work they do. If we had been on minimum wage we would have been earning $25.44 , and maybe we would have been able to see Uluru.

This petition is about equality and respect, something we have learned the union movement in Australia will fight for.
你在澳洲可能從未聽過 B&E 雞肉廠這家公司,但在他們在雞肉產業快速成長,他們所提供的勞動力遍佈全澳。他們上游的供應商包括知名的超市,Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, 等,大型速食業KFC 和Pizza Hut。這家人力仲介與他旗下的工頭聯手,以低薪價格來欺瞞背包客,現今,所有他們旗下的背包客共欠薪高達澳幣數十萬元,而他們還以拖延手段不願償還!NUW 代表這些工會裡的背包客要求B&E 立即清償所有欠薪!











透過社群網路的宣傳力量,散落在全澳各地如墨爾本、雪梨或阿德等為B&E工作的背包客們,都紛紛加入了我們,除追訴欠薪外並要求再工作上最基本的尊重。而這些背包客所處理的雞肉供應跨及全澳,包括最大的量販賣場如Coles, Woolworths, 及其他速食業等。



How it will be delivered

In person to B&E head office by NUW members and supporters as part of a press conference




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