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To: Bartlett Tree Experts

Bartlett Tree Experts: Hourly pay workers need hazard pay now!

Bartlett Tree Experts: Hourly pay workers need hazard pay now!

Bartlett Tree Experts production crews and hourly workers need hazard pay now! The U.S. Department of Labor defines hazard pay as "additional pay for performing hazardous duty or work involving physical hardship" (

We are in the midst of a global pandemic that has already claimed the lives of almost 50,000 global citizens and 1500 New Yorkers.

Everyday, Bartlett production/hourly workers gather at their shops (in some cases, these groups surpass 20 individuals) and perform duties at job sites which require daily sharing of tools/equipment/machines/trucks, punching in gate codes, and utilizing gas stations and office spaces. Each day at our shops and on our job sites, we risk the exposure of ourselves and our families to COVID-19.

Workers deserve the security of hazard pay at the rate of time and a half, plus guaranteed forced closure pay-forced closure pay being pay for the average hours scheduled per week without scheduled lunch and breaks.

Los empleados de Bartlett Tree Experts tienen la necesidad para pagar extra en esta pandemia. El U.S. Department of Labor diecen que "Hazard Pay" es "pago adicional por realizar tareas peligrosas o trabajos que impliquen dificultades físicas (
Estamos en una crisis de una pandemia global que han fallecido 50,000 personas en el mundo y 1500 gente de NY.

Cada dia, todos los empleados estan juntos en los shops de Bartlett (a veces, mas que 20 personas juntas), haciendo actividades que implementan utilizar herramientas que todo utilizamos, utilizarlas gas stations, y utilizarlas codigos para las puertas.

Todo los dias, nosotros ariesgamos nuestra familias contra el COVID-19.

Nosotros merecemos la seguridad de "hazard pay"-el tiempo de trabajo regular mas 50%. Adicionalmente, paga para si Bartlett decida cerrar. Seria paga de una semana regular menos el tiempo de paro.

Why is this important?

As production arborists and tree care workers, we understand the importance of maintaining safe and healthy landscapes for residents and municipalities. We want to continue the important work that we do to maintain our high standards of care–but most importantly, we want the human health risks we now take in doing so to be acknowledged and valued.

We are told that we have choices-We also need pay and security. We are currently not in positions to meet this essential need if we choose to stay home in order to protect our health and well being. Give us the choice to be compensated for hazardous work or to protect ourselves at home and still make ends meet!

Como arborists de Bartlett, nosotros entendemos la importancia de mantener la salud y la seguridad de las propiedades. Queremos continuar el importante trabajo que nosotros matenemos- pero mas importante, nosotros queremos ser reconcido por los riesgos de salud que tomamos por a ver trabajado.

Dicen a nostoros que tenemos opciones. Pero tambien el pago y la seguridad es un necescidad de vida. Ahora, no tenemos ese pago y seguridad si decidimos quedar en la casa. Denos la opcion tener una compensacion por "hazard work", o la opcion protegernos en casa con pago y seguridad.


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