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To: Uber

Better Pay and Old Surge for Uber Drivers

Uber need to hear driver's voices and concerns. We have been ignored for far too long. We have not had our voices heard in regards to rate decreases, along with the new flat surge which is widely unpopular amongst drivers. Changes need to be made. Here are the following proposals:

1. Drivers are paid at least $1.25 per mile and 50 cents per minute after the commission cut. Also, minimum trip fare for drivers should be $5, not 2-3 dollars. And drivers are paid the whole $5 cancellation fee.

2. Bring back the old surge. Drivers are not happy with the flat surge because now we make less money, especially on longer trips.

3. Drivers keep more of the money that passengers paid. Thanks to upfront pricing, Uber takes way too much money before giving the net amount to drivers. We should keep at least 85% of the passenger fare.

Even customers feel our pain and would like drivers to earn more.

Why is this important?

Many drivers have lives, just like the CEO of Uber. For some drivers, rideshare driving is their only source of income. By reducing the rates and getting rid of the multiplier surge on Uber, it makes it harder for drivers to make good money daily. And remember, drivers have to spend their own money to purchase gas, oil change, brakes, tires, and other expenses. It's time for Uber to look out for the drivers!

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2019-02-16 05:13:15 -0500

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