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To: Uber

Better treatment for Uber drivers

Better treatment for Uber drivers

-Raise Uber X rates by 60% across the board.
-Add a tip option on the app
-Raise min fare to $7
-Raise cancellation fee to $7

Why is this important?

Uber has been treating their drivers worse and worse as time goes by. Enough is enough. Just because they label drivers as independent contractors, doesn't mean they can take advantage of them and completely ignore labor laws. Nobody is standing up for Uber drivers. Its time drivers stand up for themselves!

Reasons for signing

  • Uber pays me 2 and sometimes 3 dollars most in the event that I drive all the way to a location and the driver cancels. Uber is becoming more and more exploitive.
  • I am living out of the car I bought specifically to do Uber with.. couldn’t afford both rent and the car. Chose the car..
  • Why uber service fee change by mileage, service fee and booking fee should be fixed price. They are making more than driver, while the driver pay for gas, insurance and mileage and etc. it’s not fair.


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