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To: Linda Johnson, President and CEO

Brooklyn Public Library: Don't Make Us Clock Out for Meal Breaks

To improve customer service and employee morale, District Council 37 Local 1482 members demand an end to the SumTotal clock out policy for meal breaks during daytime shifts. Members should only be required to clock in at the beginning of a shift and clock out at the end of a shift on every work day.

Why is this important?

The SumTotal timekeeping system has created many problems for Local 1482 members working at Brooklyn Public Library. One of the biggest problems we experience is the requirement to clock out for meal breaks during daytime shifts. Most importantly, this policy interferes with our ability to provide quality customer service. We are routinely forced to choose between offering immediate assistance to a patron and finding a computer so that we can clock back in on time. For the same reason, we are often compelled to take less than the full 45 minutes of meal break time we are entitled to under the terms of our working conditions contract. Also, since members are not required to clock out for meal breaks during late night shifts we often forget to do so during daytime shifts. As a result, supervisors spend too much of their time in SumTotal fixing these honest mistakes as they occur. For all these reasons, we seek an end to a confusing, inconsistent, and burdensome policy that is not compatible with the nature of our work.




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