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To: 7-Eleven

Change Comes Now

Change Comes Now

I would like all employees to receive hazard pay for having to continue to put ourselves in harms way.

Why is this important?

Because the majority of our staff have children. Beyond that, it is already difficult for any of us to support our families. God forbid a medical emergency arise. When asked about hazard pay we were given a very direct, NO! We were told to
Use our own PTO that WE had already saved.

Reasons for signing

  • Definitely deserve during this time
  • Still didn’t receive my bonus that they claimed as emergency all other employees received but were taxed 270.00 so only awarded 30.00 and still have yet to fix my pto I’ve been in the negative for weeks with no pay out time for pto over time is placed as regular pay all happening in blanco texas concerning that they show little interest when asked about time cards pay roll can’t fix due to manager of store having access
  • Don’t work for this company, but have to admit there employees look over worked and underpaid!!!


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