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To: CEO David Overton

Cheesecake Factory, do better!

We are current employees of The Cheesecake Factory in Arcadia, CA. The pandemic has made our working environment increasingly dangerous and strenuous. The company has been neglecting health, safety, and labor laws in pursuit of these objectives, making healthy profits in the process, and we are here today to inform you that we are looking for an amicable resolution that will make The Cheesecake Factory a safe and fair workplace by adopting policies to prevent these types of abuses from occurring in the future. Because of these practices we are asking for the following changes:

1. Same pay for the same work– raise the wages of old line cooks to that of the newer hires– $17.

2. Change gratuity system for large parties-- 18% for 6+

3. Time and a half for breaker shifts where applicable

4. 50 cent raises every 6 months for untipped workers-- applied retroactively to all veteran employees.

5. Holiday pay— time and a half for all shifts 3 days before a federal holiday.

Why is this important?

We believe that those of us on the frontline of the Cheesecake Factory have not been treated fairly or compensated adequately. While the company has come through the pandemic with record profits, we have not seen the gains that our labor produced nor been adequately protected from the risks we are taking on by working directly with the public each day.



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