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To: Dunkin Donuts

Close Dunkin during pandemic. Pay employees

I want them to close the stores all together during this pandemic. It is very scary needing to go to work for the money but being scared to because you are dealing with people face to face, even through the drive thru. I don’t think they understand this, so we need to speak up!

Why is this important?

This is our health and money for big corporations is being put ahead of that. It is not a necessity to be open during times like these.

Reasons for signing

  • I currently work at Dunkin and I'm putting myself and my family at risk because I still have to go to work during this pandemic
  • i signed it do to that i’m 6 months pregnant and still have to work till my maternity but it isn’t safe while these numbers keep rising and knowing that i’m a baker and then get asked to stay later to help out like no thank you i’d rather be home and safe till this is all over with. something needs to happen to help the safety of us. i was at work today and a lady coughed while at the window in drive thru and didn’t even cover her mouth when she did that i don’t feel safe at work at this time.
  • I’ve been working at Dunkin’ throughout this entire pandemic, endangering myself and my family. My husband suffers from chronic asthma and collapsed a lung last year. I’m terrified of bringing it home to him and my children. Plus people are so rude, don’t tip, and certainly don’t appreciate the risk we are taking by staying open. People that did get temporarily shut down are home safe and making twice what I am making and complaining about it.


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