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To: Mountain Valley Child and Family Services Board of Executives

Compensation and Staff Support During Covid-19 Health Crisis

Compensation and Staff Support During Covid-19 Health Crisis

Employees are requesting the following:

All employees of Mountain Valley Child and Family Services be awarded a week of PTO and a week of sick leave effective immediately

Cash Bonuses for those working on the line directly with clients

Every hour after 40 hours goes directly into double time pay

More protective gear and cleaning products be provided. Gloves, masks, disinfectant products: such as bleach, Lysol, and hand sanitizers with an alcohol continent of 70% or higher.

Additional two weeks paid sick time for staff who contracts Covid-19 because of a work place exposure.

A 10% increase in hourly pay for employees who continue to work through this health crisis from 4/1/20 until 5/1/20.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider these requests.

-Mountain Valley Child and Family Services Employees

Why is this important?

Employees continue to work at the risk of their own health during a global pandemic in an environment that does not follow social distancing protocol and has a rotation of staff from several surrounding counties that come and leave the facility as frequently as daily. This leaves clients and employees in a vulnerable position as Covid-19 is very contagious and potentially deadly. Employees of Mountain Valley Child and Family Services are asking that the following requests be reviewed and considered as compensation for the risk they are posing to their own health for the benefit of a company that was built on the foundation of Welfare, Safety, Security, and Care for All. MVCFS providing employees with compensation for their extra work and exposure to COVID-19 also provides security, comfort, and increased morale knowing our company has our backs.


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