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To: Publix pharmacy

Publix: Coronavirus pandemic

Publix: Coronavirus pandemic

Publix does not have a drive thru in their pharmacy so they have to come into close contact with their customers whom may be carrying coronavirus. Publix does not allow their employees to wear gloves or masks because it hurts the "Publix image". Either provide the employees with masks and gloves for their protection because pharmacist and pharmacy techs are also in the medical field and come in close contact with sick people or just close down the pharmacy all together! These pharmacy employees are human beings with families and should not be exposed to danger so the company, CEO and management all the way at the top can continue to make a profit off their employees. Publix CEO and management at the top are hiding in their mansions behind their desks safely while they send their employees out in the battlefield unprotected. Their employees is how Publix got their great customer service image to begin with. Show them you care and gratitude by protecting them with masks and gloves or let them stay home till the danger is no longer imminent since there is no drive thru pharmacy.

Why is this important?

I have family that works at Publix and know people that work at Publix whom fear losing their lives or risk getting their loved ones sick because Publix management was not proactive.


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