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To: John Rydman (CEO)

Demand Spec's Give Employees a bonus or a raise with back pay starting with COVID-19

Spec's corporate: (888) 526-8787
Spec's official twitter account: @Specs1962
E-mail: [email protected]

On Tuesday, March 24 Harris County officials issued a stay at home order for the county. With the closure of restaurants, bars, and clubs people have been flooding into Spec's and all other liquor stores. Many other companies have given a type of temporary raise for the essential workers, HEB being one, and Twin Liquors another. Due to COVID-19 being a respiratory virus and is spread through touch and if someone coughs around you.

Despite what has been said, Spec's is NOT an essential business, liquor is a luxury no matter what the customers say. The things needed for survival is air, water, food, shelter, sanitation, and sleep; all of which IS essential. Liquor, vape shops, clubs, movie theaters, etc., are non-essential.

While the employees have been given some information from corporate and very recently, gloves, it still is not enough. I was keeping up with the news and frequently checked Spec's twitter and it was stated that they are "limiting the number of customers in a location," when I asked my manager about this she had no knowledge of this.

Several customers have given first-hand accounts of going to a Spec's location and seeing that the line was wrapped around the store. Spec's employees need financial compensation for risking their health for the sake of alcohol wants. Employees and customers may display no symptoms while still being able to transmit the virus to others, some have to go home to their families who may have immune system issues, have asthma, diabetes, or other conditions that make them more severely impacted by illness. By going to work, they are increasing the risk of themselves, their family, and customers of catching the virus.

Why is this important?

Several coworkers have voiced their inability to pay their rent, myself included, due to their roommates or significant others finding themselves with no source of income.


2020-04-21 06:46:18 -0400

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