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To: CEO of CVS

Don't cut pay from us hardworking technicians during a COVID-19 leave of absence.

As a CVS/Pharmacy technican and a past shift supervisor in a high volume retail store in Indianapolis, IN I have seen first hand how severe the COVID-19 pandemic is. It has affected our community but more importantly it has affected the way our pharmacies are ran nowadays. We are very hardworking and essential medical workers that put our safety, sanity, health and home-lives on the line to provide an outstanding pharmacy experience to our community...and without extra incentives or hazardous pay. We are exposed to the virus even despite of wearing masks, continuous sanitizing, the cheap sneeze-gaurds and being vaccinated. Tons of hardworking staff are falling ill and unfortunately having to take LOA to quarantine. It was a blessing to be a part of a company that provided pay during this difficult time with no strings attached. Having this cut from us loyal employees is unfair as we are still continuing to put our health on the lines via daily work activities such as covid testing, covid vaccinations all day and general interactions with patients. I am petitioning against cutting pay during COVID quarantine from us because we deserve the best while we are giving our best. Thank you.

Why is this important?

Other people, especially my fellow health-care coworkers, should join my petition because we deserve to be valued more. Cvs can afford to support their employees at the "low totum pole" retail stores...we are their bread winners anyway!


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