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To: TopGolf

End TopGolf’s Abuses Against Workers/Associates!

There has been sexual harassment, sexual assault, wage theft, and abuse at TopGolf, and workers need to be treated with respect and dignity.

Here are the 5 demands:
1. Change at the top and commit resources to changing the toxic culture.
2. Support the implementation of an independent Ethics and Culture Oversight Committee composed of current and former TopGolf employees, legal representatives, and sexual harassment, diversity, and inclusion advocates.
3. Compensate all workers fairly by paying one fair wage (a regular minimum wage, plus tips on top).
4. External, independent, and empowered entity to conduct audits, investigations, be transparent about the findings and recommendations, and implement the recommendations.
5. Terminate any contract clause or agreement that silences survivors.

Why is this important?

“We all have the same goal and this is for the cruelty and injustices that Topgolf is full of to end! I can't change what has happened to anyone although I wish I could but I sure can hope for change for future employees.” - Brittany, worker @ TopGolf

TopGolf had over 12 legal cases against it from 2020-2021, made by workers who have suffered abuses from the company. TopGolf is a restaurant and golf entertainment chain that exemplifies both the toxic misogyny pervasive in the restaurant industry and restaurant chains’ resistance to change. This type of behavior needs to stop!

TopGolf workers deserve to work in a safe space, free of sexual harassment, free of sexual assault, free of discrimination, and free of wage theft.

Support current and former TG employees who are coming together to organize for real structural changes. Let’s hold TopGolf accountable to their workers!



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