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To: Massport Board of Directors

Fair Wages and Working conditions at Logan Airport

Fair Wages and Working conditions at Logan Airport

Dear Massport.

I work for a contract company at Logan Airport in terminal E. The pay and working conditions of contract employees at Logan airport are shocking. The vast majority of airport workers are paid at or near minimum wage, are offered few if any benefits, and are treated like cattle by management. These workers work in all kinds of weather conditions, loading and unloading bags and operating heavy machinery. Employees who talk about unionizing are routinely threatened and even fired. Recently, one company, all in an instant, WITH ONE DAY'S NOTICE, reduced all full-time workers to part-time status to avoid paying for health insurance under the new Affordable Care Act.

You have have the ability to change the situation for these workers. You can institute a living wage at the airport-just as was done at Sea-Tac in Seattle. You can insist that workers are offered basic benefits. Further, you can crack down on illegal company attempts to intimidate workers from organizing and insist that companies meet with union officials if it can be demonstrated that a majority of its employees want union representation.

Please help us!

Why is this important?

This is Massachusetts. We are the "Athens of America" and "A city on a Hill." How can our first-rate airport treat its workers as second-class citizens?


2014-07-25 08:38:44 -0400

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