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To: Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works: Give employees more hours for floor sets

Bath & Body Works: Give employees more hours for floor sets

I'm asking Bath & Body Works to give employees more hours to prepare and actually set the new theme floor sets (which happens about once a month). We are usually scheduled 6 hours to re-do an entire store in one night. While this may seem like plenty or time to do this, there is a ton of prep work that comes with it. We need the company to schedule us appropriately to ensure we're staffed enough and have the time to re-set our stores.

Why is this important?

Working a floor set shift is basically like coming in and setting up a brand new store. We need to fill under-stocked items with all remaining products we have (so that we don't have to constantly run to the back and search for product); box up old merchandise which will no longer be sold on the sales floor; clean (which takes a long time since it includes picking up extra props and all the empty boxes we're taking the new products out of); take out the trash several times; mop and sweep the floor; and more.

Having been at B&BW for a year now, I've worked every floor set and we don't leave until 2-3 AM if we are lucky. Managers will send several people home in the middle of the floor set because they say they "have no more hours" they are allowed to use employees for. If we run out of time and the store still isn't in a condition that is ready to open to the public the next day, some of us basically have to volunteer to stay longer to finish the job.

It is stressful and counterproductive to constantly be told to hurry and move faster when we want to do our task correctly. More often than not, during the next few days -- which should be productive sales days -- we spend time fixing what wasn't finished on the night of floor set since enough employees weren't given enough hours to do it right. This takes away from customer experience.

This is important to not only me, but likely my fellow co-workers and managers because we need the extra time to use on detail and making sure we are doing what is fully expected of us.

Reasons for signing

  • I used to work for the company. I used to also always do floor sets. I loved it. I wanted to go further in the company just completing that. I def know the hardship. Espeacially living in NYC. Working 2 jobs and going to schl. The company could be so much more and I would return if changes were to occur.
  • Saving for a move, with one shift a month at maybe 6 hours, just doesn't cut it. Even at 10$ an hour. By the time Taxes are taken out....what's the point?
  • as a key holder & with the company for 2 years. I feel we're taking from selling effectiveness; especially with a high volume store. Between running to & from offsite, getting the props & shelves cleaned, breaking down boxes, sweeping, mopping, understocking, marketing, climbing ladders, flexing to what props & product we do have, then teaching new associates makes impossible to finish. If we're given hours, we'd have product ready, be available to our customers, & maintain our store much better


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