To: Uber & Lyft

Uber & Lyft: Help drivers deal with higher gas prices!!

I am asking Uber & Lyft to raise the rates that the customer pays to help drivers deal with the cost of rising gas prices!

Gas prices are hitting us hard! Both companies could also take a smaller commission from fares AND we should be paid for our mileage to pick up the customer from the point where we have accepted their request to when we have dropped them off at their desired location.

Why is this important?

Can't afford to keep driving full time. Gas prices are driving us out of the rideshare industry. We need a rate increase!

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Reasons for signing

  • Like many have been saying the price of gas. What a lot of customers don’t know is that if we have to drive 10-15 to pick them up we don’t get paid for that. I once drove 11 miles to pick up a passenger to only take them 1.3 miles away. I only got paid for the 1.3 miles. I had to eat the cost getting to the passenger. It’s not fair.
  • Its my full time job. I drive between 6-7 days a week for about 6-10 hrs a day. I spend almost 200 a week, just on gas. which would be fine if i could claim it on taxes, but i cant since its a lyft rental. and lets not bring actual quarterly taxes into this
  • I find the biggest issue is the mileage to pickup, and this goes for UberEats as well. If I'm called to get to a restaurant that's 8 miles away, and the person winds up living half a mile behind the restaurant, I get paid for just that half mile. I also think that what they need to do is implement a system where the mileage money paid is based on the average gas price in the area each trip was completed in. That way when gas goes up, the pay goes up to compensate


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Curbed covered the petition and talked with several drivers. Check out the article here:

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