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To: Publix Supermarkets

Give Publix Employees Hazard Pay

Give Publix Employees Hazard Pay

Publix should pay all of their employees time and a half as hazard pay during the COVID-19 national emergency.

Why is this important?

Publix associates come into contact with hundreds of customers every day, and in this pandemic are considered “essential workers.” Publix employs about 89,000 part-time workers who do not receive paid time off for sick leave. During this national emergency, Publix is making record profit. Publix should pay all employees time and a half to compensate for any health-related expenses that may come up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Reasons for signing

  • Deli workers need protection too, not just cashiers or customer service clerks... due to small space we are close to the counter and close to customers... what about us being 6 ft away? Is our health important too? Why not do all online orders for the deli department?
  • It’s been really crazy here at Publix. We truly deserve this hazard pay. Please pay respect to the people working at the grocery stores.
  • Because I work at Publix, and I am on the front lines. I don't get to protect myself, and I don't get to be safe. I am suffering risk of infection, and yet I will not get a chance to be safe unless I contract the illness. And even then, I don't get a choice.


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