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To: Domino's Pizza Inc

Hazard Pay and Paid Sick Leave for Domino's Employees

Hazard Pay and Paid Sick Leave for Domino's Employees

Domino's needs to provide in-store workers hazard pay to compensate for the additional risk of working during the covid19 pandemic. This hazard pay should be at least two dollars more per hour for every hourly employee and should include back pay dating back to March 12th.

All employees should be guaranteed paid sick leave, including paid time off if they have to isolate at home due to member(s) of their households getting sick with covid19.

Why is this important?

As food service workers, Domino's employees are considered essential workers, providing food to their communities. However, workers in the stores have received little to no benefits to compensate us for the added risks we are now under. We also have very little safety nets should any of us fall sick.

We are taking care of our communities and deserve to be fairly compensated for it. We deserve to be taken care of.

Reasons for signing

  • Forced to quarantine without pay for two weeks with several negative COVID tests taken.
  • One of our supervisors told employees that he did not care about our well being or our health during the pandemic, and that he was interested only in the “money in his pocket.”
  • I'm almost certain I got covid while I was working. My boss got angry with me for announcing to my coworkers that I got covid. They did not immediately shut down the store the day I found out I had covid and I was in the store that day. They continued to serve food for almost a full day being open before fully bombing everything in the store.


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