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To: Grow Generation

Hazard pay for all employees due to COVID-19

Hazard pay for all employees due to COVID-19

Compensate employees fairly due to recent pandemic outbreak of COVID-19
Pay for each and every employee to be tested for COVID-19 and in the event that an employee is infected, compensate ALL medical bills and procedures.
Workers also need to have paid leave starting immediately.
Implement decontamination protocols for all money and product entering every store.

Why is this important?

This is important to keep the employees and employee's families safe during this global pandemic. One that we have absolutely no realistic scope of at this point in time.

Reasons for signing

  • Im signing to agree on employees that are getting impacted during this epidemic as I am. I can't afford to not work and it's affecting all employees . I work in healthcare and putting me at risk. Now there is hardly any income coming in due to COVID-19. PATIENTS are not coming in for there appointments and work is cutting hours.. This is a big impacted on getting no income means can't Pay Bills..
  • All life's matter
  • Husband has to work and is unable to with more then 20 employees


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