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To: New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and DC37

Hazard Pay for Essential Parks Workers

We are demanding that the premium/hazard pay of an added $13/hour be paid to all NYC Parks Department employees who served in the field from January 1st, 2020 until the CDC and/or WHO declare COVID-19 no longer to be a threat in North America, or the entire duration that masks are mandatory for employees to wear while working. Although the government is loosening measures, it is necessary that employees be paid fairly for risking their health, risking their lives. Parks workers have gone out for seven months to serve their communities through maintaining the parks which have become a haven for those stuck inside during the pandemic. This is a multi-billion dollar government agency , so please, pay us for what we are worth.

Why is this important?

Our goal is equitable pay for frontline workers. Our fellow crew members are now unshakably aware that NYC Parks will refuse to do what's right if we remain quiet. Let’s not forget We didn’t get masks until three months into the pandemic. Or sanitizer. And we were furloughed for a mandatory week. We must speak up.
We are ending this campaign at 20,000 signatures to stand as a reminder for parkies that we are here and we will not back down. We are ending this campaign at 20,000 signatures to remind NYC Parks that we have broad public support and worker solidarity on our side – and we're only just getting started.
Solidarity forever.



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