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Hazard Pay for HAZARDOUS WORK---ALL Therapak/Avantor Locations

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Hazard Pay for HAZARDOUS WORK---ALL Therapak/Avantor Locations

Give employees HAZARD PAY or some kind of benefit for continuing to work 5-7 days a week for the low pay that they already get instead of staying home like alot of the businesses that have closed down whose employees are still getting paid to stay home where it's safe. Don't want to give hazard pay or any kind of benefit? How about just letting us have weekends off until working is no longer hazardous to our health and our families we go home to. Show some appreciation. Sorry, stale donuts and cheap cookies from the grocery store doesn't show that you appreciate your employees. If anything, it shows the lack of appreciation for them...well for us. "Be glad we are still open and running so that all employees can still come to work.".....instead of what? Being shut down and to stay home with our kids/families AND STILL GET OUR FULL PAY? SERIOUSLY?

Why is this important?

We employee's continue to risk our health/lives, AND the health of our families at home, daily for regular pay. We go to work sometimes 6 days/nights a week and are making a good bit less than most people who are out of work due to the virus and are collecting unemployment. We build and distribute all kinds of medical equipment, lab equipment, test kits (COVID-19 Test Kits for starters), and safety equipment/PPE to places all over the country. We are told by our supervisors that they are "protecting us from the virus while we are at work" but yet, WE HAVE NO HAND SANITIZER, LYSOL/DISINFECTANT SPRAY, OR ANY KIND OF DISINFECTANT WIPES. The warehouse location I work at got a letter from the U.S. Department of Labor because of OSHA complaints on March 26,2020. The letter stated our employer "did not follow CDC guidelines by cleaning facility following an employee diagnosis of coronavirus" and they "had not developed an infectious disease preparedness and response plan". Now, if you don't consider that working under hazardous conditions, I don't know what would. What would the employers do if ALL the employees at the warehouse I work at decided enough is enough and walked out until we got hazard pay? Hire more people? Good luck with that. Everyone that is unemployed right now are getting paid to stay home and be safe. Think they want to swap that for a job making $12 a hour and possibly a free dose of coronavirus? Doubt it.