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Hazard pay for Nurses and CNAs

I originally started this petition because I heard management still received hazard pay while the staff on the floor was not. This has since been denied by office staff and goes unverified.

The nursing home has opened back up for visitation, in a limited way. We have had patients and employees test positive for Covid and we are still required to wear masks and face. Yet they tell us this does not warrant hazard pay.

Because supplies are short we are told to wear the same masks for 5 shifts (8 hours a shift x 5 = 40 hours) and face shields until they're visibly soiled.

In the schools, people with any symptoms are sent home until they test negative. I have worked with sneezing, coughing, vomiting, CNAs with a fever of 101.6 and they were told not to go home until they tested positive.

You'd think even if they don't care about us or the residents, they'd at least care about the consequences to the business if all their employees get infected.

Why is this important?

We are on the frontlines. We are putting ourselves, our children, and our parents at risk. We are over worked as it is, many are burned out and managment's response is to give out coins to reward people for doing things like mention being 1 of the first 3 employees to mention "jingle bells" to the director of nursing. They're changing how we divide up the halls. They're considering switching from 8 hour shifts to 12. They admit there's a problem but they're not willing to admit there's an obvious solution. We currently make what employees at Wal-Mart make, or less in some cases.

We need to be compensated for the ESSENTIAL work we are performing.


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