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To: Chris Rondeau ( CEO) , Bobbi Brant (VP of Human Resources), Jeff Helfgott (Chief Operating Officer)

Hazard Pay for Planet Fitness Employees!!

I want you to give your planet fitness employees hazard pay of 15$ an hour! We are being directly exposed to peoples respiratory droplets and hazardous trash to keep your clubs safe.

Why is this important?

Per Planet Fitness policy, face masks have to be worn at all time covering mouth and nose while in our gyms. This is done to ensure the safety of our members and staff. As employees we have to address this policy if we see someone not properly wearing a mask while walking around the gym. That is not easy to do when we are being yelled at, thrown slurs, and called all kinds of horrible names in the process. Employees are the ones who have to clean up after members who come to the gym, we sanitize our clubs to ensure it is safe enough for our members to work out, we clean the restrooms, throw away hazardous trash and come into contact with all kinds of people throughout our shifts. All of these interactions put us in danger of coming into contact with respiratory droplets that could be infected with COVID-19. Many of us do not get paid a livable wage, we do not get paid enough to pay for healthcare and to afford medical costs if we were to contract this virus, many of us have health conditions that put us at a higher risk of dying from this virus. It is not fair that we risk our livelihood everyday to make sure members can come to a clean sanitized gym and release respiratory droplets because they didn't want to wear a mask and still not be compensated. All we get is a letter explaining how "thankful" and "grateful" our higher ups are for having us work and keeping our clubs clean. You can thank us by giving us hazard pay for exposing ourselves in the middle of a pandemic! Many people do not follow the policy and have given myself and my co-workers at Grand Prairie a hard time for enforcing this policy. We are just trying to do our jobs! Unfortunately, we do not have the luxury of waiting out this virus at home. We have to work to make ends meet even if that means risking our lives. As working class people we do not have a choice. But that does not mean we should have to put up with being verbally harassed and having our mental health be affected. The least Planet Fitness can do is pay us to work under these kinds of conditions. Our safety and health matters just as much as the members who come into our gyms.

We do all of this for your members and for your company, you owe it to us Chris Rondaeu (CEO) , Bobbi Brant (Vice President of Human Resources), and Jeff Helfgott (COO) ! Give us the Hazard pay we should have gotten months ago. We deserve a livable wage.

Marisol A.


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