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To: CEO Of Oerther Foods

Hazard Pay/Paid Time Off from Oerther Foods McDonalds

Hazard Pay/Paid Time Off from Oerther Foods McDonalds

Give a form of hazard pay to workers that are coming into the workplace due to the corona virus outbreak, as well as a paid time off for workers who must self quarantine that cannot afford to be home from work. Better social distancing practices and cleaning procedures in the workplace by closing the main lobby entirely and only serving through the drive thru. Increased funds for workers to get tested/treatment in the case they contract symptoms of the virus under working hours. Immediate shut down of any Oerther Foods facility that contracts any case of the COVID-19 with offer of full paid leave until the store can re-open safely.

Why is this important?

Workers of this company are only offered the ability to leave without repercussion of losing their jobs. The safety of this county, state, and country falls in the hands of big businesses caring for small profit gain and not caring for the lives of their employees. Workers are risking their lives working in an environment where their nation cannot practice any form of social distancing thus increasing a huge risk of fatalities not only for workers, but for families behind them at home. Many of these workers cannot afford to leave work but cannot afford to lose loved ones or pay absurd pricing for any sick member of the family. This request shouldn't be a thought, more so a necessity considering we are all humans on this earth and this lack of compassion to update any of the facility of what they plan to do with them is repulsive and inhumane. With this petition i encourage all Oerther Foods/McDonald's employees to stand up for what is right for our homes, communities and our way of living.


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