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To: Uber Eats

Help UberEats drivers make at least minimum wage during difficult COVID-19 pandemic

Consider Uber Eats delivery workers employees and pay them at least minimum wage. The current rate for drivers is all dependent on how many trips they take and how far the trip went. Considering all standby time before and after a trip as unpaid downtime. This leaves some drivers making less than $10/hr after an 8hr shift. That total is before deducting the cost of fuel required to deliver the food. I also believe that they should, during this COVID-19 pandemic, give the workers hazard pay on top of the “at-least min. wage”. I believe that this is possible because currently Uber takes almost an equal amount of payment for themselves as they give the driver. Sometimes, Uber makes more than the driver after the delivery charges are divided between the two.

Why is this important?

Uber eats delivery drivers are currently putting their health at risk every day when they decide to go “Online”/“On-Duty”. For some it is out of necessity that they chose to work. For others, it is to help the community of dependent individuals that rely on delivered food, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I believe that for a company like Uber to still, during these difficult and frightening times, not consider delivery drivers employees, comes off as insensitive. When all other non essential employees of America, and probably the world now, are being told to stay home. Uber eats, “essential” drivers are some of the few that are allowed to continue working for the benefit of the consumer. When all other essential workers of America are being offered bonuses, hazard pay, above minimum wage pay, during the pandemic, Uber eats drivers are at the ‘front-line’ risking it all for what seems like nothing.


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