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To: Brian L. Roberts, CEO of Comcast

I’m fighting sexual harassment at Comcast

Content Warning: The following contains references to experiences of sexual harassment in the workplace.

I worked at Comcast for five years, and during this time, my co-workers and I were subjected to lewd comments and unwanted sexual advances by male colleagues. On one occasion, I experienced groping. The culture of sexual harassment at the Comcast call centers I worked at was pervasive and difficult to escape. I felt constant fear and anxiety around certain male colleagues, and would try to avoid and limit contact if possible. I had to develop coping strategies, such as training myself to only listen to work-related words while filtering out words that were sexually driven. It was mentally exhausting.

Comcast needs to take these allegations seriously and begin an investigation into sexual harassment and misconduct in Comcast’s call centers and other workplaces immediately. Join me in demanding that Comcast acknowledge its sexual harassment problem and take immediate action to fix it.

Why is this important?

We can no longer be silent about the sexual harassment that may be occurring in Comcast locations. I worked at Comcast call centers in Washington, DC, then Silver Spring, MD, and finally Millersville, MD from 2007 through 2012. At the Millersville location, I felt so uncomfortable around certain male coworkers that I often used the restroom on the other side of the building just so I could avoid being in their presence.

When I finally had the courage to report these incidents to our human resources department, I felt that my managers and the colleagues that I had reported retaliated against me. I received threats walking down the call center hallways and was likely singled out during the then upcoming mid-year review. I felt afraid and trapped. I loved my job and I was good at it. My goal was to give customers a positive experience with Comcast and the company’s services, reversing the negative image many have associated with cable companies. But this became increasingly difficult for me to fulfill in Comcast’s toxic work environment.

Comcast must act swiftly to address this problem, by conducting an independent third party review of its sexual harassment policies and employee experiences. In conjunction with solutions from this review, I believe the following changes will help employees like me who may still be dealing with harassment at Comcast:

1. HR representatives should be present at call centers and large Comcast workplaces
2. Protect Comcast employees from retaliation for reporting sexual harassment to HR
3. Fire perpetrators of sexual harassment in Comcast workplaces

We all deserve a workplace where we can come in and do good work without distraction. We deserve a workplace where we feel safe and empowered to make positive contributions to the company. I believe Comcast’s lax implementation of its sexual harassment policies creates a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety for many employees, especially women employees.

At the end of the day, the pervasive culture of sexual harassment I experienced at Comcast is bad for business. As an employee of Comcast, my work performance suffered as a result of consistent experiences of sexual harassment. While working at the call center, Comcast customers likely could even hear the sexual and inappropriate comments being made in the background.

Most importantly, acts of sexual harassment violate employees’ dignity as human beings. Many Comcast employees may have felt powerless to speak up for themselves and address the situation because HR was not doing enough to protect us from workplace harm. Comcast must be held accountable for its sexual harassment problem and create a safe, respectful work environment.



2023-01-23 22:45:00 -0500

The fight continues. Awareness is half the battle. More doing and less talking about doing.

2021-11-15 21:46:40 -0500

Slow and steady will win this race. Women are still reaching out to me expressing their current situations in Comcast Call Centers. Don’t get distracted. The fight for policy changes, on title VII is still going.

2021-06-29 16:27:12 -0400

April 2021
A decision has been issued on my motion for new trial under Rule 60(b), My appeal (on the timeliness of my motion for new trial under Rule 59) to the Fourth Circuit is now live.

2021-05-08 07:38:39 -0400

Another battle down and the war continues. Thank you Times Up Legal Fund for their continued support on this journey. We won’t stop until Comcast is held accountable. The war continues,,,,,,4th Circuit here we come.

2019-12-12 11:28:42 -0500

In October, we learned about the extent Comcast/NBC News went to cover up a culture of rampant sexual assault and rape in its organization. We also heard workers at NBC parent company Comcast’s call centers calling for immediate change to what they described as a culture of sexual harassment and hostility in the workplace. And just last week, actor Gabrielle Union spoke out against racism and sexism on NBC show “America’s Got Talent.”

It’s clear that Comcast and NBC aren't doing enough to provide a safe work environment for it's employees, from call center employees to on-camera talent. That’s why we’re taking this fight to Comcast headquarters on Wednesday, demanding real change to protect workers—will you join us?

What: Comcast and NBC survivors, movement leaders, organizers and activists will be calling for real change at Comcast

Where: Comcast HQ, 1701 John F Kennedy Blvd (17th and JFK)

When: Wednesday, December 18th at 4:30-5:30pm

2019-09-11 11:13:37 -0400

The Be Heard in the Workplace Act is new legislation that has been introduced and now needs cosponsors, let your state representative know how important it is to be safe in your workplace, no matter who you are or what type of work you do. Below are some photos of the Rally at Columbus Circle in Washington, DC yesterday.

2019-09-09 17:52:54 -0400

My case was heard by the District Court of Maryland. The jury agreed I was sexually harassed. The jury agreed it was based on my gender. Based off of the jury instructions they did not agree that being called a “ Black Bitch “ or told “ to Shut the Fuck Up, or my breast being grabbed by a gentleman that was known for hugging women was not severe or pervasive enough to hold Comcast accountable.
I now have a new legal team fighting for an appeal for me.
I am now speaking up for the Be Heard in the Workplace Act which wants to create better language for title VII to remove the stringent barriers of proving workplace harassment. We will Be Heard. We will have safer work environments. I won’t stop fighting for justice and equality.

2018-07-19 16:04:51 -0400

Check out new coverage of this campaign by Bloomberg:

2018-05-27 13:04:37 -0400

5,000 signatures reached

2018-05-16 10:47:20 -0400

We are fighting a Billion dollar Corporation on a Biscuit and Gravy Budget. We need your financial support to assist with our print work and matetials.

2018-05-16 10:23:57 -0400


2018-05-16 10:22:26 -0400

More media coverage.
Stand for something or fall for anything.

2018-05-16 10:20:06 -0400

We will not stop. Victim Centered Reporting Processes are a must.

2018-05-16 10:17:04 -0400

Philadelphia ABC News Coverage

2018-05-16 10:13:51 -0400

Petition Delivery at Comcast Corporate Office Philadelphia.