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To: Ministers Leo Varadkar & Kathleen Lynch

Invest in Disability Services

Invest in Disability Services

Properly fund the Personal Assistant (PA) service so that people with disabilities have the services they need & PA workers have a decent wage.

Why is this important?

Because of a lack of funding many people with disabilities are not getting the Personal Assistant support they need, making some prisoners in their own home.

PAs have also suffered cuts to their pay and conditions, making ends meet a real challenge for many.

People with a disability deserve to live with dignity and workers deserve a living wage.

We all have the right to own independence, it's time to make this a reality for all.

Reasons for signing

  • We deserve dignity.
  • It is important!
  • there must be more support provided for peoples to met their needs and live independent as much as possible.


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Passion doesn't pay the bills.... watch PAs and service users tell their story.

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