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To: Labour-hire agencies; Randstad, Tusk and Toll Personnel

Justice for former Bluestone workers

Justice for former Bluestone workers

Give Bluestone labour hire workers their unpaid wages.

On 4th August 2014, Bluestone's directors placed their labour hire agency into external administration despite the Taxation Office cancelling $22.6 million worth of debts from unpaid taxes late last year. The workers who work day in, day out at some of the largest and wealthiest corporations including Mondelez, Toll and Caterpillar, were left without their last pay check causing hardship at home.

We are calling on all labour-hire agencies taking over Bluestone's contracts to provide a no-interest loan facility to workers hit by Bluestone's fall.

*Success UPDATE: HOBAN have already started providing interest free loans and are open to anyone who has a need. HOBAN have said it is great they are able to take the lead on such an initiative to assist candidates who have been disadvantaged due to the Bluestone administration.

Why is this important?

In the words of a former Bluestone worker, "we live from pay to pay, we depend on our wages to be in our account so that we are able to pay our bills and rent".

Bluestone's collapse has left some workers missing out on rent and mortgage payments leaving them feeling "sick" and "anxious".

When you put in a day's work you should get a fair day's pay.

How it will be delivered

Workers to deliver petitions to labour-hire agencies

Reasons for signing

  • Fair's fair.
  • I want Bluestone treat the workers fair
  • nothing worse than doing an honest days work and not get paid for it.shameful bluestone@#$%&.


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2014-08-14 19:31:16 -0400

Good news all! Hoban have confirmed that they have an interest-free loan facility available for employees - contact the NUW 1300 275 689 if your new agency is Hoban.

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