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To: Amazon and Jeff Bezos

Let Amazon MTurk Workers Unionize

Amazon must allow workers at Amazon's Mechanical Turk to unionize their workplace.

Why is this important?

"Gig workers" and "crowd workers" are among the most underpaid and exploited workers in the twenty-first century. While there have been efforts to unionize gig-workers at platforms like Uber and Lyft, efforts to unionize their "crowd worker" counterparts have been rare.

This is a petition that supports the rights of crowd workers at the world's largest crowd work platform - Amazon's Mechanical Turk - to unionize and collectively bargain for better wages, just like workers in any other industry. Under the National Labor Relations Act, all workers have the right to collectively bargain, and workers at MTurk should be no exception.

Please sign this anonymous petition to voice your support for the rights of MTurk workers to unionize.


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