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To: Publix Supermarkets

Let’s Get a Gender Neutral Hair Policy!

Let’s Get a Gender Neutral Hair Policy!

I am asking Publix to reevaluate their dress code policy for men’s hair length (and hopefully in turn some other out of date policies like earrings for men or hair color)

The Publix policy does not explicitly state that there are rules against men having long hair. When associates call corporate or HR, the same answer is given “It’s up to store manager or district manager discretion.”

This is allowing for employees to be hired by one store manager, then FIRED by another store manager based on what their idea of what a “man” should look like. We are petitioning for Publix to allow men to have long hair and earrings and stop these sexist and transphobic policies!

I used to work at Publix and I’ve seen this happen to lots of people. There are many stories, one growing their hair out so that they could later donate it to Locks of Love. One grew it out due to not wanting to risk getting COVID while getting a haircut. All of these people pull their hair back and follow the women’s hair guidelines to a T. Some Publix store managers tell them that they can no longer show up to work with that hair.

By leaving it up to the managers, that leaves room for discrimination. Let’s fight this!

Why is this important?

These “policies” are sexist and out of date. Publix is losing good employees based on store manager preference. By leaving it up to managers, that leaves room for discrimination. Publix already allows long hair at its Greenwise Markets as well as some stores in Charlotte. Let’s make the hair policy gender neutral!

How it will be delivered

Deliver to corporate and HR

Reasons for signing

  • My gender is non-binary, I'm not a man or a women. gendered dress codes, restrooms, etc. Are acts of discrimination and erasure against trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming people. It can also cause distress, gender dysphoria (which can lead to suicide), fatigue, anxiety, etc. Gendering anything is unacceptable, let alone policing the way your employees dress to publicize their gentials.
  • Publix managers: If you're religious, you know you'd be firing Jesus, right?
  • I've worked for publix for almost 2 decades, very hard in fact. There are two things that have made me consider leaving in that time. The terrible sleep from bad scheduling, and the fact that that some rules apply to people differently depending on their genitals. This isn't limited to just hair and earring policy.


2021-01-13 17:58:10 -0500

Publix is officially switching to a gender-neutral policy! Beginning January 12th, men and women across Publix will adhere to the same dress code.

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