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To: Skechers

Let Your Employees Show Their Tattoos

Skechers has officially updated its dress code to allow tattoos. We are now able to show tattoos as long as they aren't on our hands or neck.

Change the dress code to allow visible tattoos. I believe tattoos are a simple form of self expression and as long as they aren't offensive or explicit, I think we should be able to show off our artwork proudly.

We are supposed to be the one stop family store for shoes but is it wrong if they have tattoos?

My tattoos are non offensive and I have never had a problem with any customer, in fact I have had multiple people including older generations say that it is ridiculous that you force us to cover up tattoos just to work for you.

Our tattoos don't effect our job at all and we employees do our best every day when we clock in, and yes there are managers, assistant managers and other employees that have tattoos.

Why is this important?

Why is it important? Sleeves get in the way of everything, doesn't matter if we are stocking or helping a customer get their perfect fit.

We are your shoe experts and I don't see any other shoe company that I have been into other than Skechers that makes their employees cover up their tattoos.

So why treats us differently when we are your experts when we chose your store, your company to work at. One thing I learned from when I worked at Gamestop is that the company is a family. I have that same feeling with Skechers, but why would you force family to cover up something that is who they are when it's not offensive that makes kids smile and that helps connect with the customers so much more?

I know with the tattoo policy being looked at and done away with, as long as the tattoos aren't offensive, will being more customers in, will help employee moral, and will help us be over all better.

Let us Show our Tattoos

Reasons for signing

  • I see it’s been approved already. However, tattoos don’t effect work ethic. You’re either a good employee or bad employee, regardless what’s on your body. If anything, I’m more likely to approach a tattooed employees. They seem cooler, and easier to approach because I can communicate about their tattoos to carry on friendly conversation.
  • I personally feel that my self expression through ink should not limit my clothing and work place experience in any way. as long as my tattoos are not offensive, then what are they hurting? I constantly have to rethink my wardrobe daily to ensure that adequate coverage of my half sleeve is maintained
  • I worked at Skechers and I had to cover my tattoos but when customers actually saw it, it conducted conversation and allowed me to relate more to the customer and build a better relation to them. Plus this is a way of expression and it is being seen in alot ot work environments. Although we can't show our tattoos, we give children stickers in their shoe boxes that they end up putting on their body in resemblance of one...Hmmm.


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In a statement to Footwear News published today, Marc Rooney, VP of global retail sales and operations at Skechers, said: “We understand that tattoos are a means of expression and have become more socially acceptable to consumers. To address the changing trends, we review our retail dress-code policy and are currently in the process of updating it —including tattoos.”

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