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To: YogaWorks CEO Brian Cooper

Lift all restrictions on YogaWorks teachers' sick pay immediately

Lift all restrictions on YogaWorks teachers' sick pay immediately

Dear Brian Cooper, YogaWorks CEO:

In the midst of the public health crisis caused by COVID-19, we are petitioning you for immediate access to the sick pay we have accrued and which is rightfully ours.

As you know, the teachers at YogaWorks have dedicated ourselves to caring for the YogaWorks community for many years. Now this global pandemic requires that care be extended to everyone, including the workers who have created a foundation of support for YogaWorks and all of the students and members.

We ask that you lift all restrictions to our access to sick pay immediately.

Why is this important?

We earned this sick pay. It rightfully belongs to us and we need it now more than ever. Please show us that you care for us, who have cared for this company, rather than caring most about profit and private equity.

We are writing this at the eleventh hour, as more and more people are unable to work and are becoming sick. Nobody anticipated the extent of the public health crisis we are in, but here we all are.

The future is uncertain, but the hours of work that we have put in to accrue our sick pay are undeniable. Please respond at once with affirmation that we will get the sick pay we deserve.

Unionize Yoga/ YogaWorks New York Teachers


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