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To: Logan Green, CEO and Co-Founder of Lyft, Inc.

Lyft: Stop allowing illegal pickup/dropoff requests via the Lyft App!

Lyft drivers want an easy fix: stop allowing illegal pickup/dropoff requests via the app.

We want technological solutions rather than emails with "Tips to Avoid Tickets in Downtown Chicago." The solution can be as simple as not allowing passengers to make requests for pickups/dropoffs at illegal locations, giving them a pop-up prompt explaining why they cannot make the request at that location, and providing them with the nearest location where they can be picked up or dropped off.

Why is this important?

Lyft, Inc. is placing its drivers in difficult and dangerous situations by allowing our passengers to request pickups or dropoffs at illegal locations.

1. Allowing passengers to make illegal requests subjects us to being stopped and fined by the police. These city fines are steep and cost us 1 or 2 days worth of work.

2. Expecting Lyft drivers to inform passengers that we cannot pick them up or drop them off at their location of choice is a recipe for driver-passenger conflict, lower ratings, less tips and distracted driving.

3. As long as Lyft allows illegal pickup/dropoff requests via the Lyft App, drivers will continue accepting the requests and passengers will expect to be picked up where they requested. This is causing even more congestion and accidents on our busy streets -- be a better corporate citizen!


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