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To: Darrell Copple - District Manager, Dixon Foods, McDonald's

McDonald's: Managers Assaulting Workers Won't Be Tolerated

Jasmine has left the McDonalds where she was working and is currently happily living in Connecticut. Due to community pressure, the manager who assaulted her was terminated and removed from the store. Thank you all for standing up in solidarity with working women against abuse and harassment on the job!

McDonald's: Managers Assaulting Workers Won't Be Tolerated

I'm Jasmine, an employee at McDonald's, and my manager slapped me across the face in my workplace.

It's bad enough McDonald's pays us poverty wages, the least they can do is ensure that workers like me are treated with respect and dignity at work. No one should ever be assaulted on the job. That's why I'm standing up, I don't want any worker to ever think that it's okay to work in fear of being assaulted by a supervisor. We deserve more. Will you help me stand up to McDonalds and hold them accountable to creating a safe work environment for me and my coworkers?

Please sign this petition and join me and my coworkers in demanding:

1) The removal of the shift manager that assaulted me, pending a full investigation into all incidents of harassment, physical abuse that have taken place at the store
2) A full investigation into the General Manager's treatment of employees at the store and his failure to create a safe working environment
3) The security tape footage be handed over to the Greenville police department

Why is this important?

Two nights ago, after standing on my feet for hours during a late shift, I asked my shift manager who was coming in to replace me so I could finally go home and rest. My shift manager berated me and threatened me with violence saying he was going to hit me with the fry basket. I backed away but after the threats continued I firmly told him he needed to stop. Then he slapped me across the face in front of other workers.

The next morning my General Manager and District Manager called me into their office, said they had watched the tape of the incident and told me, "He didn't hit you that hard"

I am offended, outraged and disappointed that no one in management, even though they had watched the security tape of the assault, was taking it seriously. Letting my shift manager off the hook because he didn't draw blood or knock me out is beyond insulting.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver these petitions to the District Manager with a community/worker delegation and make our demands in person. By standing with us, you show that people care about employee assault at McDonald's and believe it must end.

By signing this petition you agree to receive updates from Raise Up For 15 and the national fast food organizing campaign, the Fight for 15.

Reasons for signing

  • My daughter is currently experiencing the exact same situation as a Mcdonalds employee, and i am desperately seeking help to end the harrassment and physical abuse that she and other past and current employees are now forced to accept a condition of employment. It is mind-blowing that this abusive environment exists at present, more so that upper management protects the abuser, and yet even more so that this is occuring at mcdonald's! Shame on you McDonald's!!!!
  • The managers treat you like your slaves and beneath them always threatening too fire you when they get mad! They expect you too do ten different things knowing there under staffed instead of calling other people in too work ! When it gets too busy they expect you too run around work the cashier , cook in the kitchen, do drive thru when it's only 4 people on staff
  • I am a victim of verbal assault, intimidating and sexual harassment


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