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Join Emily K. in signing this petition.

To: David Overton (Founder of TCF) & Team

Minimum Wage for TCF Food Runners/Bussers

We, the employees of The Cheesecake Factory, are asking to be paid the respective minimum wage in each state (+tips) while food running and while bussing.

Why is this important?

This is an issue worth fighting for. Although servers take turns food running, it is not worth our time to make server wage and then a small 1% of the servers' sales during these shifts. Food runners are being pulled to help run to-gos. Food runners and bussers are running around the entire shift and are what makes a shift run smoothly. We aren't fighting for a raise or promotion, just minimum wage because we work hard and deserve that. Other restaurants do it.

Reasons for signing

  • Because Food Runners at our store walk out with $20/$30 a shift making less than servers when they are indeed working just as hard if not harder
  • Food runners only make An average of 20 dollars from at my restaurant. I lose money from tolls and gas working food running shifts. The money is so bad people will pay 50 dollars just so they don't have to work it.
  • I signed to fight for minimum wage


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